Dec 17, 2010

I Feel Free

 Ok. Here are the pages to an unplotted/scripted story I did while on vacation in Las Vegas.I'm putting these pages up for all you writers/storytellers who want to try their hand at constructing something interesting out of them.

Although the images are numbered, feel free to move the pages around into whatever order you need them to go. Think of them as pieces of a puzzle of your own design. I did these pages with next to no narrative in mind, so let your imagination run amok!

Feel free to click on these small images to get to the bigger files and then download those. All I ask is that you credit me (Jason Copland) as the artist whenever/wherever you post your new story.

If you don't want to letter the pages, you can just email me your script.I won't have all of them lettered but if one or two stand out, I'll see what I can do about getting them lettered.